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I personally know how stressful running a business and putting yourself out there is. There are so many moving pieces and getting organized seems like a daunting, impossible task. You want to develop a website that flows and a sales page that engages, all while staying true to who you are. And why shouldn’t you have all that?

Because I see you, homegirl. You’re a busy bee who is putting her stamp on the world with your epic services. You’ve built your incredible enterprise from the ground up and you’re hella proud of how far you’ve come. Now it’s time to spread the word. Now is the time to shout from the rooftops your offers will change lives and move mountains. Here’s the catch: you don’t know where to start. You’ve sat infront of your computer countless times trying to write out that copy, but you have to admit you have some madddddd writer’s block

But don’t worry! I gotchu! I truly believe you are not only worthy of owning copy that is will help you magnetize your clients and sell your offers, but you also deserve copy that makes you feel confident and alive. You deserve to let your personality shine through, staying true to who you are while also embracing a strategy that works for you. Just like no two businesses look the same, no two websites or sales pages should look the same. Your unique vulnerability, gifts, talents and personality are what will help you stand out from the crowd.

I want to make this possible for you, my beautiful friend!

Yo, I get it!

Writing your own copy is hard AF! I know this because I used to struggle with it like nobody’s business. As a writer, this is hard for me to admit! The truth is, while it has always been easy for me to craft copy for my clients, I had a tough time doing the same for myself. Why? Because it’s fucking personal! My business is my baby and everything I put into it comes from my soul, so the last thing I wanted to do was royally f%$& it up!

I’ve learned the hard way that owning and running your own business means wearing your heart on your sleeve and finding the courage to put yourself out there. Your copy is a huge part of this process and unlocking what you truly want to share with the world requires vulnerability. 

Thankfully, through trial and error and lots of freaking tears, I began to unlock what was inside me all along. I’ve come to a place where I can easily tap into my authenticity, channel what I want to say and put it down on paper (or, errm, the computer.)  This has only made me a better writer and I am now able to share this with others to a greater extent! I truly love what I do and being able to craft copy for my clients that makes them feel seen and heard is a gift I will never take for granted. 

I’m here for you!

I don’t want you to go through what I went through! My experiences and struggles with copywriting are meant to save you the pain-in-the-ass of figuring it out for yourself (although I’m sure you’re more than capable of doing so!) The way I see it is this: if you can outsource to someone who truly loves to do it and does it well, why put yourself through the headache?

Copy is a huge and necessary piece of your business puzzle and I’ve learned how to use it it in an almost scientific way, implementing buyer psychology + intuition to access what sells. I understand the way your soul clients think and what they need to read in order to pull the trigger! Copy is so much more than words on a page. It is energy, too! What you put into it goes out into the world and can be felt by others. Whether you write it yourself or not, you want it to come from a place of love, tranquility and trust.

I not only want to provide you with copy that represents you and your brand the way it deserves, but I also want to see you be abundant and successful as hell!  After working together, you will feel confident as you move forward, knowing you will be able to speak your truth, magnetize your soul clients and sell your offers in alignment and with ease.

Let your magic shine through your copy!

“Thanks Jackie, for the amazing copy for my services page on my website, you understood what I wanted to say when I didn’t. You hit the pain points of my ideal clients and had the exact tone I wanted. Thank you so much. I love it!”

Jacy Ellenico

Virtually Accomplished

Get ready to feel…


Woman, deep down you know you’re a fucking badass! Now is the time to show it all off by having copy that reflects the real you!


Tap into your truth and express yourself with ease. Let go of worry, knowing you are on the right path and truly taken care of within your copy.


Good copy brews creativity and inspiration. Through it, you’ll gain the confidence to branch out even further and share it with the world!


There’s only one YOU in this big ass world. Bring that unique individual to the forefront of your business through your copy.


Your sleek new copy is going to give you the inner power to tap into your truth and magnetize those beautiful soul clients to you.

“Jackie did a major piece of work for my blog and I can honestly say with 100% of my heart that she is so damn good at this! She captured everything I wanted in no time and had the work delivered so fast and made my life so much more easier. I wish nothing but the best for her but for anyone who needs any kind of VA or blogging work- Jackie is your woman!”

Janet Yennusick

Law graduate, Yennusick Legal Corner

“Jackie was recommended to me on Instagram, and deciding to invest in Jackie is one of the best decisions I made when I rewrote my website. I could have written the copy myself but it would have involved tears, soul searching, frustration, too many cups of coffee, comfort eating chocolate and generally being a grumpy disaster who hated everything I wrote. Or I could connect with Jackie, who is a gorgeous soul through and through, have a lovely, natural chat with her and let Jackie work her magic and write copy that is more me than me. Jackie is a genius. I don’t know how she does it but she gets to the heart of you, and writes the most beautifully phrases that encapsulate everything you are trying to do. Jackie produced something infinitely superior to anything I could have ever created, helped me see myself and my business through her eyes, and has become a friend for life.”

Jenny Cooper

Business consultant, Jennifer cooper timesaver

Jackie wrote a blog article for me. I was in absolute awe of her work! She managed to capture my branding voice and no revisions were required. She is super friendly, easy to communicate with and I am so happy I met her. I am excited for our business relationship to continue and she has becomeone of my personal recommendations.


Style Your Socials/ SMM

Choose your magic

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to copy creation. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what feels aligned, pick the approaches that excite you and sell your offers in an authentic and freeing way!

Soulfully You

Copywriting Services


My Soulfully You Copywriting Services are unlike anything else out there! My ultimate goal is to craft copy that is a true reflection of your unique magic. Period. I take the time to truly get to know you, from the inside out. I use modalities such as journaling prompts, strategy calls, buyer psychology, strategy and intuition to build copy that is in alignment with you!

The resulting copy will highlight your gifts, talents and personality in a way that will attract those beautiful souls you are truly meant to work with. Your clients will feel seen, heard and understood as they journey through your copy, embracing a transformation that only you can provide them.

Choose your magic:

  • Website Copy (3 pages minimum)
  • Sales page (1 page minimum)

Step 1: Align with your truth

This is where the magic begins. You’ll receive a workbook filled with journal prompts to guide you, and we’ll jump on a 60-min strategy call to unearth your unique brand voice and message, who your soul clients are and how you are meant to transform their lives and the world in your own way.

Step 2: Surrender to the process

This is where you surrender to my magic! I’ll craft your Soulfully You copy, and bring to life your truth and power. I will go in-depth, researching your dream client, discovering your brand voice and message and highlighting your transformative and amazing offers.

Choose your magic:

  • Website Copy (3 pages minimum)
  • Sales page (1 pages minimum)
  • Additional pages

Step 3: Embody your magic

This is where you embrace the magic! To ensure the copy is everything you’ve dreamed of, we will fine tune as needed* so you can show up confidently and share your message.

*2 rounds of edits included

Whatchu waiting for?

Your copy ain’t gonna write itself!


Let’s set up a FREE discovery call to get to know one another better (I promise I won’t bite.) During our 20-min call we can hash out your needs, talk about my offers and see if we’re a good match. Do it, I know you want to!