Copywriting for Your Business- Finding Balance

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How to talk about yourself within your copy while also connecting to your soul client 

Ah, the never-ending struggle is REAL, ya’ll. This is probably the #1 thing my clients struggle with when it comes to developing their own copy. Why? Because they’re terrified of babbling on and on about themselves too much. 

As far as I’m concerned, this is a valid concern. As a brand and business, we want to find a middle-ground between displaying our authenticity and meeting the needs of those dreamy clients we want to work with. After all, you’re not out here creating copy just for the hell of it.

Ultimately, you want to write copy that sells.

One of my favorite clients ever is a wife-husband duo.“The problem is,” they told me as we jumped on our strategy session, “that we don’t know how to mesh our two often polarizing personalities while also not boring and overwhelming our audience to death.” 

“Don’t worry, I gotchu,” I said. 

And I did just that. With a combination of our strategy call and the extensive research I did into them and their brand, I was able to pull-off copy that brought them damn near to tears. They told me the way I wove their love story into their website was everything to them. This is why I do what I do.

And I see you, you’re probably sitting at your computer now, shitting a brick because you don’t even know where to begin with your website copy, blog, sales page, social media captions, etc. And even more terrifying than that, you have to make it marketable. What the flippin’ flippity flap, right?

Learning how to write copy the right way can be daunting.

But before you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and abandon the task, let’s look at some simple ways you can organize your copy so that you can, at the very least, get started. When you break down your copy into smaller steps and organize it before writing it out, it becomes a lot easier to tackle. It’s just like anything within your business, creating actionable and attainable goals within your copywriting journey allows you to break away from overwhelm, get organized and get writing

The beautiful thing about sharing your unique story is that others can relate and connect to it. 

Here are 4 tips on how to find the balance between talking about yourself while also making your soul client feel special as all hell. 

Copywriting should be 20% about you and 80% about your client

Simple rule of thumb: if you find yourself rambling on about that one time you went to Peru, dropped ayahuasca in the jungle and had an epiphany about what you wanted to do with your life, STOP and ask yourself two questions: 

How can I condense this? 

How can I make this relatable to my audience?

Because as amazing as your shaman was and as insane as it was that you cried like a baby 10 times, your reader is gonna be like, “mmmkay, but what does this have to do with ME?” Keep in mind, if you were writing a personal blog or something, this story would be GREAT, but you’re not! You’re literally trying to connect with your dream client and get them excited enough to invest in you. Capiche?

Ok, here’s another good tip: go ahead and write it ALL out. Write every fucking word that comes into your brain, even if it’s garbage. Get it all down on the page. Then, slim it down. Pick a few things that are particularly important or riveting, and cut the rest. What cool little facts about you or experiences you’ve had make you YOU and have led you to where you are right in this moment? Likewise, figure out what your reader can actually relate to and use. Is this something that informs them more about your personality while also introducing you as a business owner and leader in your industry? 

Pepper your unique personality into the copy

I’m not saying you shouldn’t put in fun facts about yourself or be vulnerable and intimate, but for the love of geebus, don’t go overboard. Think about it, do you want to land on someone’s website you’re looking to invest in and be drowned by relentless copy about their pet cat named Snickers? 

Your unique personality, authenticity, gifts, talents and vulnerability is what will make you stand out from everyone else in your industry and attract those clients that are meant to be.

This is your strongest selling point, but you HAVE to be smart about how you use this. Trust me, there is a way to bring in your unique value without being annoying. 

Keywords, phrases and tone in your copy:

Maybe you like to say “y’all” a lot. Put it in your copy. Pick some keywords that embody you and your brand. Example: empowering, strategic, fun, etc. Put those in your copy. These keywords will stand out to your reader and they’ll think of you next time they hear them. Also, use your unique tone EVERYWHERE. This blog is  a perfect example of how I pulled that off. My personality is all over it because I’m using a tone that is me while also bringing lots of juicy info to the table. 

Fun facts and experiences in your copy:

Yes, talk about your experience traveling through Australia because it will attract like-minded people who like to travel as well! A LOT of the clients I have worked with are travelers just like me and this has been a bonding point that ultimately led to us working together. Likewise, one of my clients and I bonded over the fact that we both are addicted to salty foods. She wrote it in one of her Instagram posts and I striked up a conversation about how I used to add salt to my sandwiches. Two weeks later, we were working together. These little things are essential to creating points of conversation! 

Sprinkle it all over your copy:

You don’t have to only bring who you are into your About Me section. Pepper in your tone everywhere, throw in keywords and phrases that are SO you and bring in those essential facts and experiences into certain sections. 

Use your About Me section in your copy

Ok, true, your copy isn’t ultimately about you. But that’s why the About Me was created. If you’re building a website or a sales page, you’re probably going to include an About Me page or section, just to balance it all out. This is where you can dive into who you are, outside of your business! 

Keep it condensed, but go ahead and tell a story, give some cute facts about yourself or mention your dreams for the future.

People want to know you’re a human being, after all. 

If you’re working on your About Me website page, you’ll eventually want to transition into more relevant things after talking about things outside of your business. For example, you can begin talking about your educational background or what you were doing before you started your business and what inspired you to make the switch. 

This will allow you to eventually…

Tie your copy back to your business and your dream client

I already mentioned it above, but if you find yourself getting drowned in a sea of you, pull back for a second, reread and ask yourself how much of a crap your ideal client is going to give about any of this. Your unique story and personality is important, but you have to create a balance, my friend

My point is to catch yourself in those moments, take a deep breath and put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Ask yourself: “what would they want to hear about right now? How can I make this relevant to their struggles and build trust and connection between us?” 

In the end, it IS about you, but damn, it’s mostly about them. You want them to feel seen and understood and you also want them to get so damn excited about what you have to offer them that they’ll be ready to make an investment before they even finish reading your copy. Take them on a journey that is honest, intimate and real and for the love of everything copy, don’t be too selfish. 

Hey! I’m Jackie

Hey, I’m Jackie, Copywriting Wizard extraordinaire. I craft authentic and strategic copy for badass female entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their mark on the world. I prioritize you by bringing your unique personality, gifts and offers to the forefront while attracting your soul clients in the process. It’s a win-win situation, my friend!

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Copywriting for Your Business- Finding Balance

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