The Essential 3-Phase Client Journey within your Copy

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Copywriting for your business that attracts your dream clients

Remember that one time you loomed over your computer as you tried to write your first vampire saga? Remember how you knew you had to introduce Dedward the vampire and Ella the human before they got all googly-eyed over each other and finally kissed in some dark forest as the rain poured down around them? Remember…? 

Ok, maybe not. What I’m trying to say is that there was a storyline that Dedward and Ella’s journey  was built on. It started off slow, gained momentum and reached that climax that every teen reader was jizzing themselves over. It got the reader so excited for what comes next that they couldn’t put the damn book down. That, my friend, is the reader’s journey. 

Believe it or not, the same applies to writing copy for your business

I don’t give a rat’s fuzzy ass if you’re writing your website copy, sales page or Instagram captions for Q1, but there has to be a story element somewhere in what you’re writing. Otherwise, it’s just blah. I don’t mean you should tell a story about your life in every caption or ramble on about irrelevant things in your sales page. 

What I mean is that your copy should always have a beginning, middle and end.

This is the client or reader journey. This element filters into every aspect of your business! From your on-boarding process to your business structure to your copy, your client experience should be one of your top priorities. Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my clients going through some hellish experience as we work together. I want them to feel super good about their investment and come out of it ready to kick some serious ass. 

But before I dive into the client journey, I want to explain a couple of important things.  When it comes to writing for your business, you need to:

Write copy that is easy to digest:

Highlight, bold, bullet point the most important aspects of what you are about, what your offer is and how it can transform lives. Unfortunately (and as a writer, it breaks my heart to say this,) but people just don’t want to read a whole lot. Most of the people who land on your copy want to skim! This is why putting emphasis on the juicy bits is super important!

Warm your readers up before you sell:

Think about it, how often have you invested in something when the first thing the person does is throw numbers at you? Shit is tacky af. Take them on an intimate, beautiful, meaningful journey! Make it a flowy process, from start to finish. Get them so excited that they’ll be ready to throw money at you like you’re the most popular stripper at your neighborhood Kitty Kat Club.

Keep these two things in mind at all times as you move forward and build out your copy because they will make the sales process that much more enticing and attractive to your audience. 

Now let’s talk about the client journey within your copywriting

As I mentioned before, the development of your copy should have a beginning-middle-end story element to it. This goes hand-in-hand with the “warm them up before you sell” concept. You ultimately want it to be an organic and comforting journey where they don’t feel as though you’re just in it to drain their wallets. Slow down, make it sexy, make it appetizing. 

The client journey is about sympathizing with where they are now, allowing them to dream about a future they want and getting them truly excited for a transformation that is possible. 

Because here are some facts: most people are embarrassed about their struggles and things they aren’t succeeding or thriving at, they have a hard time allowing themselves to dream because there is always a tiny part of them that thinks they’re being ridiculous and they hesitate to believe that what they dream is an actually flesh-and-blood possibility in their lives.

The way I see it is that as children, we have all these dreams and hopes. We revel in imaginary worlds and make-believe realms. But unfortunately at some point, a (usually) well-intentioned adult tells us to stop being ridiculous and focus on what is “possible” and “realistic.” Slowly, we conform to the norm and leave those dreams and hopes behind. 

Copywriting should make your clients feel seen and understood

Think you’re up for the task? Maybe you feel like you’re not, but if you weren’t so passionate about whatever it is you’re trying to promote, you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out how to promote it. But let’s not get all panicky and start reaching for that paper bag you keep around just in case. You can do this. You can create copy that makes your soul client feel like a kid again. 

Now, your job (no pressure) is to get your soul clients to believe again.

So, let’s dive in. There are 3 phases to the client journey: sympathy, dream and transformation. You don’t necessarily have to use these in order, but it’s important to incorporate them in your copy when you’re trying to sell something because it hits various emotional points in your audience. 

Essentially, it’s part of sales psychology. It’s that connection between the heart and brain that says “hey, this feels good to me and now I want it.” You may think this sounds icky or that it’s a gross tactic, but the way I see it is that you’re providing something someone else really wants and bringing happiness into their life. Sales doesn’t have to be a negative thing, you just have to change your perspective on it. 

The Sympathy Phase in your copy:

I won’t say this is the most important phase, but goddang-tootin it’s an important one. As I said before, people are embarrassed by their struggles and things they feel they’ve done “wrong” or “not well enough.” Therefore, it’s important to get on their level and let them know they aren’t alone. Either you express that you’ve been where they are and relay some story about how you also fucked up royally and damn near drove your business into the ground a long time ago OR you simply let them know that what they are experiencing now is normal and it’s OK. When people read this in your copy they will sigh in relief because they will feel understood, seen and heard.

It builds essential trust between the two of you because they feel comfortable knowing you aren’t out to judge them or make them feel ridiculous.

Also, it gives you an edge of humanity. They will be able to tell that you’re not some heinous monster with no feelings who just wants to sell something to them.

Incorporate the sympathy phase in your copy and use phrases like:

“Maybe you’ve been feeling lost and uncertain about what the next steps are in your business. You’re overwhelmed by outside opinions about what you should be doing but aren’t feeling confident enough to follow your own path. You know you want something greater for yourself, but aren’t sure how to get there.”

“You’re not alone. I’ve been where you are right now. I‘ve struggled with thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. It was my belief that in order to be successful I had to work until exhaustion and make just enough money to pay my rent. I was lost, insecure and desperate for some guidance.”

The Dream Phase in your copy:

I love this phase simply because it allows space to tap into our inner child and that part of ourselves that simply dreams. Just like the Sympathy phase, you are putting yourself in the shoes of your soul client and figuring out what they need and want. This requires clarity and compassion on many levels because it’s so much more than listing off what they are craving, it’s about understanding what will bring more fulfillment and happiness into their lives.

Obviously you want it to relate to your offer in some way, but do this subtly. You’re not ready to sell yet and you’re still trying to warm up your audience and get them to trust you.

This phase is all about giving them the space to dive deep into what they desire, without judgement.

This is also a place to let them know that you’ve desired the same things and/or that you understand these desires. Once again, they are not alone. More importantly, inform them that these dreams and desires are a possibility. They can be a reality and they aren’t insane for pursuing them.

Use sentences in your Dream Phase copywriting like:

“Imagine being able to run your business with ease, flow and confidence. You are slowly but surely shedding your insecurities and uncertainty and stepping into your true potential-  feeling empowered and excited to show up and share your gifts with the world.”

“I see you, you’ve dreamed of letting go of your limiting beliefs and embracing who you truly are. You’ve dreamed of releasing what is no longer serving you and giving yourself the self-love you deserve. I am here to tell you you deserve it all. You deserve to live in abundance and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

The Transformation Phase in your copy:

This is where you hit a significant pinnacle in your copy because now you’re able to let your audience know how YOUR service or offer or whatever will transform THEIR lives. This is an interesting phase because although this is a lot about what your soul client wants, it’s also about what you want. Think about it- you’re both able to dream in this phase.

They’re able to dream about finally having what they want and you’re able to dream about meeting them halfway in that journey and working with them on whatever it is that they’re seeking.

Kinda exciting, right? You want them to not only know that what you are offering is amazing and will rattle their world, but you also want them to know why you are the person that can make this a reality for them. What makes you a unique and special choice? What do you and your offer bring to the table that no one else does? How will the experience of working with you be different and what will that transformation look like for them?

Examples of Transformation Phase copywriting:

“My program incorporates mindset tools and business strategy that will allow you the space to grow at your own pace and figure out a path that works for you. I truly believe that everyone’s journey is different and my goal is to create a course of action that feels aligned and can bring you the success and abundance you deserve.”

“As someone with a creative brain, you often feel like your head is in the clouds and it is hard to ground yourself. I have worked with countless creatives and have been able to offer them the tools and guidance they need to find that organization, structure and freedom they need to build a life and business that flows with ease. My mission is to bring you back down to earth without smothering the beautiful dreamer and creator you are.”

See? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Just kidding. These phases take some practice to incorporate into your copy but honestly, breaking them down into individual steps will help a shit ton. I always advise word-vomiting before you even begin writing the copy. What do you WANT to say? Forget about syntax or sounding professional or grammar or whaterver the fuck. Just write what is in your soul and what you’re really wanting to provide to these soul clients. 

Think of the sympathy phase first and word vomit not only what you imagine they are going through and struggling with, but what you have experienced too. Next, sit with them and dream with them. Let your mind meld with theirs and try to envision what they lay awake at night dreaming about. Finally, get excited about what your offer can create, what makes it unique and why you’re a badass person to work with. After that, take a break and come back to it when you’re ready to structure it more. 

I promise you, the rest will unfold organically. 

Hey! I’m Jackie

Hey, I’m Jackie, Copywriting Wizard extraordinaire. I craft authentic and strategic copy for badass female entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their mark on the world. I prioritize you by bringing your unique personality, gifts and offers to the forefront while attracting your soul clients in the process. It’s a win-win situation, my friend!

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