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Hi, I’m Jackie!

Copywriter & Storyteller for Female-Led Brands

My goal is to craft empowering, magnetic, marketable copy that converts. My process is designed around churning out words that match your brand voice & message while attracting those dreamy clients you’re dying to work with.

I feel eternally blessed to work with inspiring women destined to change the world in their own unique ways.


Let’s create magic together!

You’re growing and evolving in your business (hell yes!)

Is your copy keeping up?




Ok, so you’re churning out unbelievably awesome new offers + are excited about where your business is headed…


Things are feeling a bit unaligned and the wrong audience keeps knocking at your door.

You’re low-key frustrated. Something ain’t right.


But before you freak out… *Pause. Take a deep breath*

 Because the truth is, all you need to make are a few lil’ tweaks!

Starting with your messaging.

–> So the REAL questions you should be focusing on are:

How do I communicate the right message?

How do I get across the value of what I’m going to provide?

How do I create a meaningful connection with my evolved audience?

The answer?

Well-crafted copy, baby!

Jackie was incredibly intuitive, asked questions, provided feedback to me when I was unsure of something and all in all provided such a stellar service. I know I can write copy myself but not in the way that Jackie captured the essence of our business, our marriage and our vision. She is truly an amazing person, someone who genuinely understands her industry and does some incredible work! I can’t wait to work with her on future projects and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Aneesa Janering

Aneesa Consulting and Online Tech Manager
“Jackie is an INCREDIBLE writer. She just has a magical way with words and can match your tone of voice effortlessly. I asked her to do my website copy, as writing about myself is definitely something I struggle with! She did an incredible job, the copy is compelling, super on brand and really makes my website stand out! I genuinely couldn’t have asked for more! She listened and delivered exactly what I asked for and I won’t hesitate to ask fer to help me with future projects!.”

Claudia Woodham

Social media coach, Social By Claudia, UK

The process of working with Jackie was smooth and easy! I felt heard and understood during the call. The pre-form was so in-depth it really caused me to think and get even more clarity on my offer. The copy was spot on to my voice and tone! I appreciate the transparency and that she asked questions for clarity and direction. I like that it was presented with the buttons and call to action mapped out. I would recommend Jackie because I feel like she took the time to really get to know the person behind the business!”

Kierrah Flipping

Coach + Healer / CORE Empowerment & Afro Qi

You deserve…

To run a successful, abundant business that feels aligned and sacred

You also deserve...


To operate from a space of irresistable energy that attracts & converts

To bring your unique brand-vibe to the forefront of your business

To build connections with soul clients who wanna piece o’dat

To take it easy-peasy, knowing your brand messaging is taken care of



Psst, I got stellar news.

My copywriting services can get you there!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

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Lemme take a wild guess- you’re probably…


Done with the old and ready for the brand-spankin’ new.

You’re ready to align with the 2.0 version of your brand and offers + create a flow that feels authentic, real and oh-so-very-you.


Wanting to build serious, soul-aligned connections with dream clients.

You know they’re out there, waiting. All you have to do is communicate the right message.


You’re ready to foster and nourish a business that flows with ease, engages the right audience and allows you to share your story and journey with others.

Success & abundance is yours!