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Hi, I’m Jackie

Copywriting wizard extraordinaire

Costa Rican native, LA gangster, Portland hippy. Soulful adventurer with a creative and artsy mind.

My passion is crafting magnetic and authentic copy for amazing women just like you who are ready to tap into your truth, speak your magic and engage your soul clients! My specialty is channeling your voice in a way that represents you and your business the way it deserves.

I know writing your own copy can be a daunting task. After all, writing good copy means getting vulnerable with yourself and your services, honing in on what your soul client needs to hear and offering them a transformation they won’t be able to say no to. With me by your side, I’ll make the process quick and painless and in the end, you’ll own copy you can be truly proud of. My goal is to not only bring copywriting to businesses everywhere in a way that magnetizes success and inspiration, but also educates and demonstrates how well-written copy can make you feel more confident, empowered and seen. 

Let’s create magic together!

Look, I get it.

You’re frustrated because…

You’re tired of people telling you how you should sell your offers. This is your damn business and somehow, you’re answering to everyone’s opinions but your own.

(take a deep breath, I got you.)

You’ve got big dreams to chase and amazing offers to sell and you’re overwhelmed with the amount of s*** you gotta have prepared to make it a success

(we’ve all cried. It’s ok)

You aren’t sure how to find balance between talking about yourself and engaging your soul client in a way that makes them feel like the only girl in the world.

(cue Aladdin music)

You just don’t have the time or energy to deal with it! You got other things you’d love to focus on within your business and copy just isn’t one of them.

(ain’t nobody got time for that)

You don’t know where to begin. Not only are you overwhelmed with writing the copy, but you don’t know how to structure it in a way that will attract and engage.


I create beautiful copy through the magic of words

Let’s just dream for a moment,

shall we?

Imagine having…

The freedom to sell in an aligned and empowered way. Your copy channels your truth and you’re done giving a flyin’ fuck what anyone else thinks.

(You magical unicorn, you!)

The peace of mind to hand over your copy to someone else so you can focus on creating those amazing offers that will change the lives of many

(I can be your hero, baby)

Copy that encapsulates your brand voice and message beautifully while also speaking to your soul client in a way that makes them excited as hell to work with you


Someone else taking over the pesky task of writing your website copy, sales page or blog so that you can focus on your zone of genius and do what you do best

(time to get lit up!)

A pro who understands the buyer psychology behind good copywriting that ultimately converts your audience into soul-aligned clients

(dream BIG!)

Jackie was incredibly intuitive, asked questions, provided feedback to me when I was unsure of something and all in all provided such a stellar service. I know I can write copy myself but not in the way that Jackie captured the essence of our business, our marriage and our vision. She is truly an amazing person, someone who genuinely understands her industry and does some incredible work! I can’t wait to work with her on future projects and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Aneesa Janering

Aneesa Consulting and Online Tech Manager
“Jackie is an INCREDIBLE writer. She just has a magical way with words and can match your tone of voice effortlessly. I asked her to do my website copy, as writing about myself is definitely something I struggle with! She did an incredible job, the copy is compelling, super on brand and really makes my website stand out! I genuinely couldn’t have asked for more! She listened and delivered exactly what I asked for and I won’t hesitate to ask fer to help me with future projects!.”

Claudia Woodham

Social media coach, Social By Claudia, UK
Jackie has such a friendly personality and creative mind. Not only has she written solid copy for my client’s websites, but she has also provided me with incredible ideas for engaging blog posts along with guidelines on what the content should include for my client to help her get the ball rolling. She turned it around way faster than expected and included more ideas than I expected. She is excellent at communication and follow-up and has been a huge asset to me during this project.

Stephanie Solheim

Digital Marketer / 3 Tubas Digital Marketing

Soulfully You Copywriting Services

My Soulfully You Copywriting Services are unlike anything else out there! My ultimate goal is to craft copy that is a true reflection of your unique magic. Period. I take the time to truly get to know you, from the inside out. I use modalities such as journaling prompts, strategy calls, buyer psychology, strategy and intuition to build copy that is in alignment with you!

The resulting copy will highlight your gifts, talents and personality in a way that will attract those beautiful souls you are truly meant to work with. Your clients will feel seen, heard and understood as they journey through your copy, embracing a transformation that only you can provide them.

Choose your magic:

Your copy and the way you choose to sell your offers should feel good to you. This is why I have structured my services in a way that gives you the freedom to pick and choose, without all the pressure.

Website Copy

Sales Pages

What makes me a

unique choice?

I get it, you have a billion copywriters you could choose from. So, why pick me, right? Because I truly believe in YOU. I bring your unique values, gifts and personality to the forefront of the copy I create for you. This, combined with my talent for making those dreamy clients you are dying to work with feel seen and understood, are the key to it all. 

I also believe that there is no one way to sell your offers. While the rest of the world is telling you how you should be selling, I believe you need to tap into what feels good. If you want to create copy for your website, let's do it. If you want to focus on a sales page and email sequence, I got your back. 

Together we will bring to life the message you so desperately want to share with the world. My dream is to see you shine through your copy and bring you closer to receiving the success you deserve.